Mill Creek's City Council's and Staff's Responsibilites

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This is what I advised our Mill Creek City Council members during their Feb. 4th session.

You council members have been elected by a majority of the voters in our city. You are the face of the democratic republic for our community. You ran using words like integrity and ethics, we citizens expect you to remember these words as you debate the issues. Making decisions that are about what is right for our community, even if you have to set aside your own personal preferences.

You elected leaders and you the city staff are the public servants of ALL of us. What DO we expect our city government to do? The Council provides policy, we expect the city council NOT to try to micromanage the city staff, the City Manager takes the council’s policy and budget then turns it into what city employees do. For me and many citizens, we expect the city to:

• continue to provide a feeling of safety, with police on duty 24 hours,
• continue to contract with fire district 7 to have 24 hour emergency services provided to our community.
• public works staff continue to keep the potholes filled
• continue the overlay before streets become badly damaged and costs go up
• continue to keep the streets clean to limit the debris and pollutants that wash into the storm water system to help keep our streams salmon friendly
• continue to keep our parks beautiful so the community can be proud of them and citizens can use them.
• parks and recreation staff to continue to provide great events and classes for all ages that increase the quality of life in our city and create community.
• the community development staff has created a Town Center we can all be proud of, the mix of businesses creates a draw for members in the greater community. It appears the East Gateway will be as diverse and inviting as our first commercial development.
• the City of Mill Creek’s Strategic Plan developed by CITIZENS and staff and council over 18 months and many, many hours of time WILL be on every councilperson’s desk, to use as your guidance as you make far reaching decisions. The strategic plan has lofty goals, it is a plan not etched in concrete but a design for the city discussions and decisions guided by what it contains and citizen input.

My hope is that my newly elected councilmembers believe that a democratic republic government is at its best when it serves the people all the citizens with regard for the best interests for ALL of us, that you are pragmatic and serve ALL citizens in the city, that you Mayor will remember your interview with the Everett herald published Jan 9, 2014; and I quote “I don’t have to know everything there is to know, I have to listen.”

You councilmembers represent me and every citizen living in the great city of mill creek. WE want all of you to listen, not just to those who agree with you but citizens that have different ideas. Together we can continue to make Mill Creek the best small city to live in.

Karen Brandon
Heatherstone Division

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