Mill Creek's City Managers Demise

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Mill Creeks City Managers demise was of his own making.

All one has to do is review the articles in all the local news media to ascertain that he caused his own demise. Mr. Armstrong got into a conflict with the City Council on media communication, he listened to the last council because his was in agreement with that majority but he did not listen very well to the new council, he presented a "in-you-face" budget with overspending and promoted new utility taxes, and he was an avid promoter of big expensive projects and annexations. Even the last council, which hired him, which had the votes, could not pass a utility tax.

In listing to the formal and numerous informal comments, at the last City Council meeting and from previous conversations from the city staff, is was very apparent that he was appreciated by many individual staff members. However, knowing his military background and the military chain-of-command doctorin it is surprising that such deep familiarity existed. It is not one that I would have promoted during my time in the military knowing the very hard and difficult decisions I had to make in combat situations.

In my opinion what we also have is a couple of past council persons who are absolutely livid about having lost re-election and simply can not get over it. It looks much like the "girl politics" that my grand daughter is now experiencing in the 2nd grade. What is troubling is that all but one the past council members, of a similar persuasion, showed up along with their supporters. I know several people who are of an opposite opinion but they do not organize to protest in mass but they did vote for the new City Council.

Mr. Voss's comments, during the public comments session, expressing his confidence in a couple of City Council members, that it was a 7 to 0 vote, and urging numerous audience members who were in support of the former City Manager to 'let it lay", that is was over so to speak were spot on and absolutely correct.

As has been stated Mr. Armstrong was an at will employee of the City Council. Having worked this way most of my career and found it to be the best way as one could always quit at will. It is a two way street!

Hopefully, this saga is over!


Wil Nelson
Red Cedar
14925 29th Dr SE
Mill Creek, WA 98012

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