Missed Opportunity by Mill Creek Council Members to Celebrate Memorial Day

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Reviewing The Herald Newspaper today May 23, 2015, and a listing of all the different
Memorial Day Events for the following cities, Arlington, Edmonds, Everett, Lake Stevens,
Lynnwood, Marysville, Mukilteo, Snohomish, Stanwood, and Sultan.

Once again a missed opportunity for the City of Mill Creek, we are informed to drive to another city to enjoy Memorial Day Events. Half of the listed communities are smaller than Mill Creek.

Hopefully, the voters will remember during this year's election, my personal recommendation it's time for new blood on the council.

Respectfully submitted,

Herbie E. Martin, Sergeant First Class - U.S. Army (Retired), M.A.P.S.
Candidate for Snohomish County - Charter Review Commission #4

Mill Creek Memorial Day

Regarding Mr. Martin's comments regarding Mill Creeks Missed Opportunity on Memorial Day. As a Viet Nam combat veteran I do not consider it a missed opportunity. There are plenty of events to participate in this area should one so desire. Personally, I have never had a desire participate in such events and I have never seen a reason to have my service acknowledged. It was my honor to have served and that is sufficient reward.

We have new and very competent "blood" on the council and I am thankful that Mr. Martin is not on the council.

Respectfully submitted:

Wil Nelson
Captain, 27th Combat Engineers

Wil Nelson misses the point

Mr. Martin understands the importance of two things:

Recognizing those who have served our country -- not only is that important for the people who served, but for the citizens to take some time to stop and think about the sacrifices others have made for them.

Secondly, these types of community events bring the community together. They build fellowship, they enhance the quality of life for the citizens. They don't cost much, and yet they reap so many rewards.

I am very concerned that Mr Nelson is actually running for our city council. He seems to have no sense of what Mill Creek is all about.

Mary Kay Voss
Former City Council Member

My previous comment

All stands, except that I was mistaken, Mr. Nelson is NOT running for city council, which is a good thing.

Mrs. Voss missed my point.

Most combat veterans that I know, including myself, do not seek out Memorial Day or Veterans Day events for obvious reasons.

There are a few who do and that is their thing to which I have no objection.

Mrs. Voss is no longer on the city council and that is a good thing.

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