Mill Creek evaluating new East Gateway Urban Village mixed-use development proposal

Vintage at Mill Creek is a planned mixed use development with affordable senior housing in Mill Creek's East Gateway Urban Village.
Aerial map showing approximate location of Vintage at Mill Creek. Image courtesy of Google maps.

By Richard Van Winkle, News of Mill Creek.

Early in March the City of Mill Creek received a formal binding site plan application for a new mixed-use development called the Vintage at Mill Creek on about four acres in the East Gateway Urban Village. There are no buildings currently on the site where the proposed development is planned.

Access to Vintage at Mill Creek will be from 132nd Street SE and from connections to the future public East Gateway Urban Village “spine” road to the east and west of the proposed development.

Vintage Housing proposes to build an affordable senior housing development consisting of two five-story mixed-use residential buildings and three single-story parking/storage buildings.

The two multi-story buildings will contain 216 affordable senior housing units with private exterior decks on the upper floors. Amenities such as a mini-mart, a salon, and a fitness center along with 4,100 square feet of commercial space will be on the ground floor of these buildings with the commercial space fronting the spine and access roads.

According to Vintage Housing’s project narrative the project will conform with Mill Creeks zoning regulations and design standards, “The commercial component front the spine and access road and will be designed to align with the city’s vision of the EGUV… The project is not seeking any regulation modifications.”

Landscaping and open spaces are proposed as well as a 50-foot wide vegetated roadway buffer with sidewalk along 132nd Street SE.

As part of their development Vintage Housing will build the portion of the East Gateway Urban Village “spine” road that is on their property.

Mill Creek’s Community Development Department planners determined that Vintage Housing’s development application was complete the week of March 30th and have begun their detailed review of the project in order to negotiate a development agreement with the applicant.

This negotiated development agreement is subject to review and approval by the Mill Creek City Council.

Once the development agreement has been approved, the City’s Hearing Examiner will hold a public hearing on the Binding Site Plan.

This entire review and negotiation process will take months, but both the City of Mill Creek and Vintage Housing are very interested in striking a deal.



Vision for EUGV

A Fieldhouse / Indoor Events center, a Cinnabar-inspired Theatre that also has a half that's kid-friendly, an REI, a Cabellas, a Home Goods Store, some boutique or Antique stores, a bike shop, and an Arcade would all be great for Mill Creek. Also, a second Amazon Books location and a Purple cafe along with some other fine restaurants, the new library, a police department and couple of parking garages should all be crammed in the remaining space available. Make Thomas Lake walkable and add a beachside park. And where the old Safeway was down the street that closed, a Trader Joes!! C'mon!

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