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A small portion of American’s are in a panic mode and it’s as if a group of killer bees attacked and viciously killed a love one. So under their emotional state of panic and hate this group of individuals apparently took an oath to remove or kill all bees, no matter if the bees are bumble bees, ground bees, carpenter bees, yellow jackets, mining bees, sweet bees, wasps or honey bees. To those in their narrowly focused vengeance mind and in their panic mode they can only believe a bee is a bee and it needs to be eliminated!

Such may be the case when someone spray painted a Nazi swastika on the Bothell area Hindu place of worship, and then another one on a nearby Hindu school. Then under this racist graffiti the person(s) noted: “Muslim Get out” “Muslim Go Home.”

On behalf of the unified Snohomish County citizenry’s disdain for the hate crime attacks toward the Bothell Hindu community our Snohomish County Executive, John Lovick, told those present at a Hindu Maha Shivaratri celebration: “The words and symbol sprayed on your building(s) are highly offensive …Your way of life is tolerance and forgiveness. Your forgiveness will bring healing to our community.”

Along with our county executive’s words other supportive individuals and groups are making it quite clear we will not tolerate hate crimes. And in unison we being one community, are voicing loud and clear that anyone who does these despicable acts will be tracked down and prosecuted.

The Hindu’s are rightly so, receiving a wide range of support by way of e-mails, flowers, banners, and with face to face person support from both Snohomish and King Counties. It gave me a long wide smile and pride of heart when I witnessed and heard our resident’s collective thundering voice in support of our Hindu brother and sister as it re-enforced: “YOU ARE HOME!”

Chuck Wright

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