Our Youth Strike Out Again

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City Manager Polizzotto recently stated "we don't actively pursue grants to the extent we can."

I couldn't agree more. Here's proof. This past month, the Legislature approved millions of dollars for parks projects, including $10 million in a new program specifically to improve existing athletic fields. These grant programs were perfect for the Jackson HS soccer fields project.

A total of $750,000 could have been obtained through these grant programs. Enough to fund a majority of the project's costs.

All that was needed was for our Mayor to recognize the importance of reopening dialogue with the Everett School District. This partnership was critical for any grant submission. Now the next opportunity is two years out.

It has been proven there is a huge need for additional athletic fields in our area. Grants require relationships and commitment. Monies are available if there is leadership.

If I am elected to the Council, I will make sure these grant opportunities are not wasted. Our youth deserve these fields and State grants could fund most of the costs.

Lynn D. Sordel
Mill Creek
Candidate for City Council Position 5

Sports fields at Jackson

Partnership between the city and the school district is essential for the future of this city. The athletics fields at Jackson High School are in a sorry state of disrepair.

It is embarrassing that an affluent city like Mill Creek does not devote proper time, energy, and resources to the needs of our community as well as the rising generation.

Providing proper resources for the physical development of the youth of Mill Creek is a worthy cause deserving of the consideration of the city council.

I personally have been disappointed to see all the lost years of work put in by the diligent city staff as the school district partnership has floundered.

Douglas Carlson
Candidate for City Council

Sports fields at Jackson has opposition

Sordel ignores the potential and significant opposition from nearby residents who have significant concerns over night time noise and lighting.

The council is already pursing other options with the Dobson, Remillard, and Cook properties for various partnerships and sports related activities.

Our youth deserve better sports fields

If you are unsure about whether this is a worthy project, just go on down and take a look at the current conditions of the sports fields and decide for yourself if you think that our youth and the members of the community deserve that these resources to be adequately maintained.

I don't know how best to impress upon the minds of the Mill Creek residents the imperative nature of providing adequate community resources than to simply encourage you to decide for yourself if you think the partnership with the Everett School District is worthwhile to the City.

Douglas Carlson

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