Planning Commissioner Jared Mead seeks election to Mill Creek City Council

Mill Creek Planning Commissioner Jared Mead. Photo courtesy of Committee to Elect Jared Mead.
Mill Creek Planning Commissioner Jared Mead. Photo courtesy of Committee to Elect Jared Mead.

From a Committee to Elect Jared Mead press release.

Mill Creek native and two-term city planning commissioner Jared Mead announced the week of May 15th that he will be running for the city council in 2017.

Mead, a former licensed investment banker, is currently a legislative aide for a Washington State Senator.

“Growing up in Mill Creek instilled in me a devotion to our community and has inspired me to pursue ways to give back. Serving our community for the past two terms as a planning commissioner has been very rewarding and I am ready to take the next step on our City Council. After benefiting so much from Mill Creek’s vibrant community, I am ready to dedicate myself to the improvement of the city for future generations,” said Mead.

Mead grew up in Mill Creek, attending Penny Creek Elementary, Gateway Middle School, and Jackson High School. He then earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington Bothell in International Studies and Business.

“I am proud of the work the council has done recently in balancing our budget and promoting efficiency,” said Mead.

“I want to ensure that the city continues on the right path so my children and grandchildren will be proud to call Mill Creek home.”

Mead lists his priorities for the city as:

Continue to maintain a balanced city budget through fiscal responsibility with tax payer dollars;

Promote sustainable economic growth by attracting new businesses to the city;

Advocate for the public safety of all residents;

Protect open space and parks and our quality of life as our city continues to grow in population;

Ensure that the East Gateway Urban Village is developed in a way from which all Mill Creek residents can benefit.

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