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May 11th, 2016

It being a Presidential Election year there is much talk about politics. Some of the talk suggests that politics has no connection to the daily life of American citizens and that “government is the problem not the solution” to the many issues faced by the 99% of the population of this country.

Our political system is said to be designed to ensure that the government is responsive to the people because it is of the people, by the people, and for the people. This concept works best when the population eligible to vote actual do vote. To keep fully informed on what government is actually doing for the voters it is necessary for citizens to participate and observe government at all levels, Federal, State, and Local.

On Tuesday evening, May 10, I had the opportunity to attend a City of Mill Creek City Council meeting and observe the Council conducting various business that affects all of the citizens of this community, regardless of age. Among other items on the agenda was comments of the Legislative District 44 State Representative Mark Harmsworth (R) who informed the Council members and various citizens attending the meeting some what he felt to be positive actions taken during the most recent session of the State House of Representative. Foremost among the actions was increasing state funding of public education, particularly for the kindergarten through K3, and some positive action on upper grades and higher educational institutions. He also mentioned some additional funding for certain charter schools.

The City of Mill Creek’s government is an example of “government” that is not located in some far away never-never land, but is made up of your next door neighbors and fellow citizens. It employs many people to accomplish the tasks that keeps your city one of the best places to live in one of the better run and most beautiful states in the Union. At the Council meeting last night a number of long term employees were acknowledged and honored for their service to this community. They certainly deserved the recognition.

The City Council meets the first, second, and fourth Tuesdays of each month, starting at 6:00PM in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, 15728 Main Street, Mill Creek. The Mayor, Pam Pruitt, all members of the Council, and the City Manager, Rebecca C. Polizzotto, and her staff, encourage residents of this community to attend Council meetings. I can personally report that they will all welcome you with friendly warmth and respect, judging from the experience I had. I look forward to seeing many of my neighbors there in the coming months.

Thomas W. Amacker
1111 Mill Creek Blvd. F104
Mill Creek, WA 98012-3008

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