Proclamation of Loyalty Day in Mill Creek

May 1st is officially Loyalty Day in Mill Creek.
The Mill Creek City Council proclaimed May 1st as Loyalty Day. Photo credit: News of Mill Creek.

May 1st is officially Loyalty Day in Mill Creek. The City Council voted unanimously to have Mayor Mike Todd sign the proclamation at their April 23, 2013 regular meeting.

The idea for this proclamation came from Fred Apgar, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8870 Commander.

In his April 23rd presentation to the City Council Apgar urged everyone to reflect on the privileges of democracy and liberty that have been afforded us by our nation’s institutions.

According to Wikipedia, Loyalty Day was first observed in 1921 to counterbalance the Communists' celebration of May Day. In 1958 the U.S. Congress made Loyalty Day an official holiday.

Mill Creek’s Proclamation

WHEREAS, in 1958, the United States Congress designated the 1st of May of every year as Loyalty Day; and

WHEREAS, Loyalty Day was established as a day for reaffirming our loyalty to the United States and the documents upon which our nation was founded; and

WHEREAS, Loyalty Day provides us with the opportunity to celebrate the many freedoms secured and preserved for us by the brave patriots who have served in our nation's armed forces and risked their lives for liberty and independence; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting that the citizens of the City of Mill Creek take time to reflect on the privileges of democracy and liberty extended to us by the institutions of American Freedom; and

WHEREAS, there continue to exist in the world today hostile forces that are dedicated to destroying our way of life in America; and

NOW, THEREFORE, I Mike Todd, the Mayor of Mill Creek, on behalf of the City Council and the citizens of Mill Creek, proudly join the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post # 8870, in proclaiming May I, 2013 as Loyalty Day in the City of Mill Creek. Together, we invite the citizens of Mill Creek to observe Loyalty Day.

Signed this 23rd day of April, 2013.

Mike Todd, Mayor

Kenneth W. Armstrong, City Manager

Kelly M. Chelin, City Clerk


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