Pruitt seeks Mill Creek City Council seat

Former Mill Creek Mayor Pam Pruitt seeks Mill Creek City Council seat.
Former Mayor Pam Pruitt seeks Mill Creek City Council seat. Photo credit: Eric Droz Photography.

From a Pam Pruitt campaign release.

“New versions of old problems are calling me back to serve my community,” said former Mayor Pam Pruitt.

A retired CPA, Pruitt is currently working as a local news reporter and stock investor.

Pruitt's priorities are:

  •  Full staffing of police and fire services.
  •  Fund core services first – we don't need a new city hall.
  •  No city utility tax without approval of the voters.

Pruitt believes proper planning for economic development and promoting local businesses will help keep taxes low. Businesses will locate here if the city provides high quality services and lower costs.

“Economic development means attracting more businesses to Mill Creek not raising taxes on residents to build a $20,000,000 civic campus,” said Pruitt.  “Cost effective alternatives are available.”

A new utility tax in the Strategic Plan has been repeatedly supported by a council majority. Pruitt has consistently opposed a new city tax on utilities. Before any new utility tax is imposed on the residents and businesses, it should be approved by the voters.

“I look forward to talking with residents about their views on city priorities,” said Pruitt.




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