Public Apology Needed

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The Everett Herald's headline for their July 7th issue noted: “Probe finds nothing wrong in deputy exec’s behavior.” However the headline could easily have been: "Deputy exec Mark Ericks demands county staff give excellent customer service."

I have held off writing a letter to the editor, since I was waiting to praise Terry Ryan, Dave Somers, and Ken Klein for their high ethics by publically apologizing for taking Lovick’s and Erics’ names down into the gutter. But they have not done this, so my letter, I am sad to say, is not to compliment those politicians but to do just the opposite because they have tried to destroy two strong leaders and great civil servants.

Because of Somers', Ryan’s and Klein’s thoughtlessness Lovick and Erick had to endure their good names being put on the lowest level with Aaron Readon’s. It’s unconscionable for those three Musketeer politicians to try and do that to our executive and deputy executive! It’s plain to see why Somers cannot come out and apologize since he is running against Lovick, and due to that he can’t let his major character assassination be deleted. But for the other two, that is Ryan and Klein, their error about both Lovick and Erick should be and must be publically addressed.

Are they just down playing their error in hopes the public will not know about Lovick’s and Ericks’ stance of mandating that all county employees give the residents great customer service? If this be the case, then shame on you two politicians!

Or is it just simply if they admit their collective error their apparently preferred candidate for County Executive, Somers, will be shown in a negative light and that he is not the man for the job?

We residents of Snohomish County are encouraging you Ryan, and you Klein, to take the high ground by standing up and admitting publicly, as the thorough investigation concluded, that you were absolutely wrong about Lovick and Ericks.

Chuck Wright

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