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Re-Elect Ben Briles for Mill Creek City Council

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During Mr. Briles’ doorbelling for Mill Creek City Council, we had the opportunity to meet him and hear his views. Every election cycle a worthy candidate emerges. Mr. Briles is that candidate.

While discussing our city’s concerns, he posed some very thoughtful, insightful, and fact-based responses. Regarding the hot button issue of ‘defunding the police,’ he stated defunding our city police is not an issue here. They do a great job, but every city has different issues. Our police worked with our local high school students during their Black Lives Matter march to keep it safe and free from violence.

On the oft-heard high tax issue, Mr. Briles noted keeping city taxes low requires vigilance as our city has a tight budget. A disciplined approach and appropriate cuts allowed for no city tax increases while preserving services. Mr. Briles indicated legal fees have been a significant portion of the budget for the past two years affecting services and the budget.

In March 2021, the council’s impatience in proposing and approving to recriminalize simple drug position generated needless legal costs. The State Legislature was still rewriting the decision due to the Supreme Court’s decision that Blake was unconstitutional and discriminatory. Mr. Briles advocated waiting for the Legislature’s response. In April, the Legislature passed a new drug possession law. If the council had delayed the Blake drug ordinance by one month, legal fees could have been avoided.

As an aerospace engineer, Mr. Briles believes in science and disciplined fact-based decision-making. We were impressed. Obviously, Mr. Briles impressed the council, when selected from a field of 12 prospective candidates to fill the open 2020 council seat. Mr. Briles deserves your vote for Mill Creek City Council.

Glenda and Dave Tecklenburg
Mill Creek