Rebuttal to Wil Nelson's Recent Comment

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Recently Mr. Nelson made some very interesting observations about my son Lynn, who is running for the Mill Creek City Council in November. His remarks focused on certain ideas he believed would be part of my son' s campaign platform. He even asked how my son would use Utility Taxes if elected. Currently, the City of Mill Creek does not have any utility taxes.

For the record, Mr. Nelson has never once talked to my son about his values and ideas. And, more importantly, my son never discussed these type of taxes when he served on the Council in 2013.

Talk about putting words into someone's mouth. I think Mr. Nelson should quit writing and actually seek out my son and have a legitimate conversation about the issues that impact the city. Then he would actually get to know him better and understand what he really represents and how much he cares about the city.

Finally, I sincerely hope the voters of Mill Creek will take the time to really do their homework about the city's issues. It's important to hear from the candidates themselves, not from this type of commentary.

Mary Sordel

Rebuttal to Mary Sordel's comments

Again, I would be ashamed if my mom was fighting my battles for me.

It is my understanding that Mr. Sordel did in fact support a utility tax for the previously proposed new civic center in a discussion with another Mill Creek Council member at another city department meeting.

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