Rep. John Lovick Town Hall Meeting

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I was excited to attend Rep. John Lovick's Town Hall last Saturday.

John Lovick has always been happy to hold Town Halls to answer questions and inform voters in his 44th Legislative District about what is going on in Olympia.

I was so glad to hear Mr. Lovick say education is one of his top priorities and his goal is to find a way to fully fund education as ordered by the court. I am also very glad Rep. Lovick indicated that the solution must be through new revenue.

Washington already has great schools and great teachers, but many communities lack the resources to educate our students. Washington can be a leader in the country in education, but we can't get something for nothing.

The Senate and House budgets will be out soon! I encourage Rep. Lovick to consider supporting potential new revenue items such as a capital gains tax, closing wasteful tax loopholes and a carbon tax to fully fund education.

Kathy Christensen

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