Repeat of the Political Hoax of 2013

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On several occasions Wil Nelson has written in the Mill Creek View that he could not support the candidacy of Lynn Sordel for the Mill Creek City Council. In part, his reasoning was that Lynn Sordel had approved the expenditure of $20 million civic campus while on the previous City Council. Wil Nelson is certainly entitled to his opinion, but he is not entitled to his own facts.

The fact is that no Mill Creek City Council either current or past has ever approved the alleged $20 million civic campus. Wil Nelson is merely repeating the "Great Hoax" used by the Mill Creek View in 2013 to influence our city election. The "Great Hoax" was manufactured in the office of the View and there is a witness.

Zach Anders, a Jackson High student was hired in 2013 by the View to write some local stories. While at the View he overheard some conversations indicating that our then Council intended to build a new civic hall/campus. One of those conversations involved Fred Fillbrook and Pam Pruitt. Zach had some questions about the misleading information he had overheard.

On October 1, 2013, Zach Anders attended our city council meeting and was informed by Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Nielsen and other members of the council that the city had no plans to build a new civic campus.

Zach’s comments started in the 56th minute of the meeting. I encourage any reader to listen to the recording.

I think an apology from Wil Nelson to Lynn Sordel would be in order for distributing false information.

Ralph Ehrlich
Mill Creek

Hoax perpetrated by former City Council cabal

The only Hoax being perpetrated was by the former city council cabal when they failed to tell Zach what they were doing behind the scenes. Zach did not know the proper questions to ask as I was there when he asked his question.

They failed to tell Zach about the open discussion that Sordel and Nielsen had in another forum regarding the funding new projects using Utility Taxes.

They did not tell Zach that they had changed from the concept of a senior center to a Civic Center, due to lack of public support, as Nielsen so informed me when I was commenting before the city council.

To the former there is a witness and the latter is on a council meeting recording.

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