A Responsibility of Citizenship.

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Regardless of which political party citizens of Mill Creek support, the importance of this year’s Primary and General Elections to their future can not be overemphasized.

Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party, Libertarians, etc., everyone living in the United States now, every man, woman, and child, and those who will be born or otherwise enter the country in the next twenty years, or more, will be affected by what happens in this year’s elections.

For those who don’t see the need to vote in primaries, remember that it is only in the Primaries that you can help to select who your candidates will be. Come the General Election your choices will automatically be limited to only those who won their election in the primary. This is of critical importance at all levels of government but it is essential in determining want kind of society you want to live in at your local level which includes your county, city, school districts, public libraries, municipal courts, public safety (police, fire, emergency response personnel and equipment) local businesses, entertainment and recreation among other things.

If you missed getting registered in time to vote in the Primary, please register in time to at least express your preferences regarding the candidate that comes closest to what you want from your elected officials. They will respond to those who keep demanding programs that provide answers to the real, pressing needs of our people, now and in the future.

No citizen of this country should complain of how the government is run (or who it is run for) if that citizen does not take the time to acquaint themselves with the issues pertinent to each level of our society (Federal, State, and Local) and VOTE in EVERY primary and general election as they occur because every election is important to your future.

Looking forward to seeing you at the polls or local political meetings. And, thanks for voting, whoever you vote for.

Thomas W. Amacker
1111 Mill Creek Blvd. F104
Mill Creek, Wa. 98012-3008
Mill Creek Precinct No. 9

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