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Retain Benjamin Briles for Mill Creek City Council

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As a 36-year resident of Mill Creek, I urge voters to retain Benjamin Briles to the Mill Creek City Council on Tuesday, November 2. I met Benjamin eight years ago when he moved in next door. He and I have shared many conversations about what’s happening in our community (e.g., sensible planning, environmental issues, economic prosperity) and I’ve found him to be open, articulate and thoughtful. Having already served as an effective councilmember, Benjamin has earned a reputation as a relationship builder who knows how to collaborate in the best interests of our community.

I am impressed by Benjamin’s fund of knowledge, character and values. An excellent listener, he shows the emotional maturity to weigh different opinions and communicate his point of view without coming across in a divisive way. As a policy maker, Benjamin is accessible and understands the budget consequences and impact of every decision and stands for fiscal responsibility.

Finally, Benjamin knows how to connect with people because he genuinely cares. I’ll never forget a winter day some six years ago where snow piled on our steep driveway. I’d just returned home from surgery and heard a sound coming from our front yard. I scuttled over to a window using my walker and there was Benjamin, clearing my driveway. He doesn’t just give lip service to helping others, he backs it up with his deeds. Benjamin Briles gets my vote and I believe he deserves yours.

Stanley Wilson