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Retain Benjamin Briles on Position 3 Mill Creek City Council

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If you’re looking for an intelligent and thoughtful voice to continue the growth in vitality in Mill Creek, elect Benjamin Briles to a full term in Position 3 on the Mill Creek City Council. Appointed to the council in the fall of 2020, Benjamin has presided with integrity and commitment.

Beyond his dedication to the city, I know Benjamin from his service through the Kiwanis Club of Mill Creek where we both serve on its board. An exceptional listener, he takes in the facts and the opinions of others. Not only does he contribute thoughtful ideas, he questions to better understand as well as to consider other possibilities. He is dedicated to nurturing our community to be fiscally sound and its people healthy.

Benjamin knows that teaching children to make healthy choices as well as care for the environment and their community raises them to be adults who will do the same. It’s no wonder he is so deeply committed to Kiwanis, a global organization whose mission is to improve the lives of children. At the Mill Creek Farmers Market, Benjamin and I worked together with the Kiwanis Club to offer the Power of Produce, a weekly program where kids learned about fruits and vegetables and engaged with farmers to learn how their produce go from farm to table. In addition to his commitment to children through his work with Kiwanis, Benjamin volunteers at his children’s school. He is dedicated to improving our community so children and their families can thrive.

Benjamin Briles is not a by-stander. He gets involved where he can offer his expertise with insight. He is as careful a listener as he is dedicated to digging deep to do the hard work necessary for the citizens and the City of Mill Creek. Use your vote to retain Benjamin Briles to Position 3 on the Mill Creek City Council.

Kathryn Lee
Bothell, Washington