Seasonal Thrive

Kate Towell's "Seasonal Thrive"
How to adjust to the new season

The following article is being reproduced with permission of its author, Kate Towell. Kate is a holistic wellness counselor who supports individuals to create the balanced, vibrant life they imagine.

Seasonal Thrive, by Kate Towell

Here in Seattle the last month has been beautiful. Even now as I write, I’m sitting on my deck, wearing sunglasses and gazing at the North Cascades. However, when Luna and I were on our morning walk I really began to notice the subtle changes signally the shift in season.  All the kiddos back at the bus stop, the cool crisp morning, leaves beginning to change in color and that certain scent that signals fall is in the air. September is a month of transition and a time for us to shift our diets and lifestyle to reflect the seasonal changes.

Ayurveda is India’s 5,000-year-old system of holistic healing and it teaches us that we are not separate from nature but a living expression of the environment around us. According to Ayurveda the change in season is a time we become vulnerable to imbalance. The energy of fall is called Vata.  Along with the beautiful colors of changing leaves and delicious harvest vegetables of fall, come the shorter, colder, dry days of Vata season. Vata is the energy of movement. It is cold, light, dry, rough and mobile. Just like a dry crisp leaf being taken for a ride by the wind. Since we too are beings of nature, it’s similar to what happens to us. We get dry skin, chapped lips, static hair and our hands and feet get cold easily. We crave comfort foods like thick soups and stews, root vegetables and warm, sweet drinks like chai tea, hot cocoa or apple cider. These heavy, moist, warm foods counterbalance the cold, dry, chill in the air outside. 

For a smooth transition this season try a few of my seasonal thrive tips. Please share your favorites and let me know how it goes.

Seasonal Thrive Tips

  • Eat with the season. That means root veggies, warm soups, apples and pears.
  • Limit cold and light foods like raw salads (that’s summer food).
  • Nix any iced or carbonated beverage you are drinking.
  • Use warming spices such as ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon.
  • Sip warm water throughout the day especially first thing in the morning.
  • Try a warm sesame oil massage before your bath or shower.
  • Don't take on too many new projects that could add stress to your schedule.
  • For exercise stick with yoga and walking.
  • Unplug from email, social media and TV at least a half hour before bed. Instead sip herbal tea or a mug of warm almond milk with nutmeg and read a book you enjoy.


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