Sno-Isle Libraries levy lift close to passing

April 24th Special Election results. Image courtesy of Island County Auditor's Office.
April 24th Special Election results. Image courtesy of Island County Auditor's Office.

By Richard Van Winkle, News of Mill Creek.

A very slim majority of voters voted “Yes” to approve Sno-Isle Libraries’ levy lift proposition in the April 24, 2018, Special Election.

As of Friday afternoon, April 27th, there are 1,114 more combined Snohomish and Island County voters who voted “Yes” than “No.” This margin is greater than the number of remaining ballots left to count.

Because the levy proposition restores the rate to the 2009 level, only a simple majority is required for passage.

“While the numbers are still very close, the margin is widening,” Sno-Isle Libraries Director Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory said on Wednesday.

She went on to say, “Given the number of ballots that election officials say remain to be counted, we are cautiously optimistic about the outcome.”

Although most Snohomish County voters voted “No,” an overwhelming number of Island County voters voted “Yes.”

This resulted in the slim 0.46% margin of voters approving the measure.

Library officials made it clear that if the levy lift didn’t pass; staffing, programs, and collection materials would have to be reduced in 2019.

“The previous levy adjustment was approved by voters in 2009, just as the recession was deepening. At the time, library officials pledged to not come back to voters for at least five years. Stretching that pledge to nine years came by way of careful planning and prudent budgeting,” Woolf-Ivory said.

She went on to say, “We will continue with that same thoughtful approach to our stewardship of public funds. We know that voting for property taxes is tough. This is a very close election and we’re mindful of the feelings and concerns of those who didn’t vote, ‘Yes.’”


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