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Snohomish County Councilmember Megan Dunn appointed to EPA committees as only State of Washington representative

Snohomish County Councilmember Megan Dunn was appointed to an independent advisory committee of local officials that provides policy advice and recommendations to the EPA with the goal of improving the capacity of local governments to implement and carry out environmental programs.
Snohomish County Councilmember Megan Dunn. Photo courtesy of Snohomish County.

From an August 25, 2021, Snohomish County press release.

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the appointment of Snohomish County Councilmember Megan Dunn to the Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC).

The prestigious 39-member LGAC represents a diverse cross-section of cities, counties, towns, and communities across the United States and convenes to provide advice and recommendations on issues related to the shared goals of promoting and protecting public health and the environment.

Councilmember Dunn is the only representative appointed from Washington State.

“It is a true honor to have been selected for this advisory committee, and I will work diligently to prioritize the protection and stewardship of our environment,” said Councilmember Megan Dunn.

She went on to say, “I look forward to working with local and tribal leaders from across the nation to ensure that all voices and environmental concerns are taken into consideration during federal environmental policy deliberations.” 

“Councilmember Dunn has been an advocate for protecting the environment throughout her career, and as a member of the Snohomish County Council, she is helping to lead the county’s sustainability and salmon recovery efforts,” said Washington State Governor Jay Inslee.

“I believe she would bring a unique perspective to the local government advisory committee because of the ecological diversity of her district, which includes miles of shoreline along the Salish Sea, acres of farmland, and an intricate system of waterways,” he added. 

“Washington State is fortunate to have a long-term environmental advocate and pesticides policy expert now leading as a local elected decision maker for our country,” said Danielle Shaw, Government Affairs Manager at Washington Environmental Council and Washington Conservation Voters. “Councilmember Megan Dunn will be a great addition to the LGAC because she has proven herself a leader and a champion for people and the planet.” 

With over 20 years of environmental protection experience, Councilmember Megan Dunn was previously the Healthy People and Communities Program Director with the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, where she led efforts to help protect communities from harmful pesticides and chemicals.

She has also represented Everett’s Lowell neighborhood on a federal brownfields stakeholder committee, studied water quality issues with the Salmon Recovery Council, worked on emissions reduction as a board member with Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, and participated in environmental justice programs in her work with farm workers.

In 2019, she was elected to represent District 2 on the Snohomish County Council; this district includes the urban center of the County, critical agriculture land, forested parks, waterways, and tribal lands. 

The LGAC is an independent, policy-oriented advisory committee of locally elected and appointed officials that provides policy advice and recommendations to the EPA to assist the agency in ensuring that its regulations, policies, guidance, and technical assistance improve the capacity of local governments to implement and carry out these programs.

The appointment is effective immediately and will expire on December 30, 2022.