Strong Schools are vital to a Strong Community

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Strong schools are an important part of a strong community. “Good schools” is one of the top factors people use when shopping for homes. “Strong public education” is one of the top five success indicators for businesses that create new jobs in our community. So if the vitality of your community is important to you, voting “YES” on school bond and levy issues is your way to support your community and your way of life.

Everett Public Schools (EPS) is delivering on the need for “good schools”, ranking well above the state average in academic success. They are forming new partnerships with early learning and higher education to improve the entire educational process for our children. They are bringing new focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills that are vital to our local employers. EPS needs local operating dollars to continue their successful programs; vote “YES” for the levy.

Good educational programs need adequate facilities. Our district needs new classroom space for a growing population, and needs to modernize older facilities to support today’s educational programs. Present overcrowding and future housing growth, along with a probable state mandate to reduce class size means capital funding is needed to provide additional classroom space throughout the district. EPS has a carefully developed and well vetted 40 year renovation/modernization program that ensures buildings are safe, energy efficient, and supportive of today’s technology dependent educational programs. Support the facilities needed to deliver an excellent educational program; vote “YES” for the capital bond.

Mike Todd
Mill Creek

School District Levy and Bond Measures - getting complete data

The web link mentioned in the previous comment takes you to a cleverly named website that has some sensational headlines, but doesn’t paint the entire, balanced picture. Voting against the levy cuts funding for delivering educational programs by a quarter. Voting no to the bond fails to provide the classroom space needed to deliver those programs. Blocking essential funding is being obstructionist, and would be a huge detriment to our community. Don’t fall for sound bites and clever (mis-named) websites.

By law, the school district needs to present fair and objective information about the measures they put to voters; they are not allowed to “lobby” for a particular position. The website with the materials that describe the measures is at

To get to the website from the community volunteers that support the levy and bond, go to

I personally think Everett Schools have made great strides in the years I have been involved as a parent, a classroom volunteer, and an active and involved member of various district oversight and advisory committees. Our schools are excellent and focused on continuous improvement. That is essential to making our community a desirable place to live.

These two ballot measures keep tax rates at the same level as the previous expiring measures. Cutting funding just makes no sense. I urge you to continue to support the good work and the great results you get from your local public schools.

Mike Todd
30+ year Mill Creek and Everett School District resident and taxpayer
8+ year Mill Creek City Councilmember and past Mayor
Everett School District Capital Facilities Advisory Committee member
Proud parent of two graduates of the HM Jackson HS classes of 2009 and 2011

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