Tax Increase on Ballot

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Heads up voters of Snohomish County! If you live in an area where you’re being taxed for local and commuter bus service (most areas except Everett) you will soon be asked to approve a tax increase.

Do your homework and you’ll discover that Community Transit could and should manage spending better before asking for an increase to the subsidy already in place.

According to the state Department of Transportation, Community Transit is one of the most expensive transit agencies in the state for its size. Snohomish County taxpayers subsidize riders who pay $2 for a trip that costs $9.10.

Spokane’s transit agency, which serves a similar size area and half the population, has greater ridership, provides more than 3 times the hours of local bus service and does it at lower cost. Even King County Metro’s and Pierce Transit’s costs per trip are almost half that of Community Transit.

Can you afford to pay more sales tax and more Motor Vehicle Excise Tax? That’s what they want and based on their own projections, they’re looking for an average 4.5% income growth yearly through 2019.

Considering the benefit relative to the cost, I don’t believe increasing transit taxes on working families makes sense until Community Transit learns to operate more efficiently, especially since there is no sunset provision! We’ll be stuck with this forever!

VOTE NO on a Community Transit tax increase!

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