Telephone Town Halls Make Sense

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I attended a Town Hall, conducted by Rep. John Lovick, in Mill Creek a few weeks ago.  There were about 20 people in attendance and, even though I am of a very different political persuasion, I found the discussion interesting and commend him for taking the time to meet with his constituents.

More recently, Rep. Mark Harmsworth had a Telephone Town Hall, which, as I understand it, included more than 500 participants.  Questions covered a variety of topics – the usual – car tabs, property taxes, I405, the Trestle, etc. – and, those who weren’t able to ask their question in the limited amount of time were encouraged to call his office.  There were folks calling in from Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Mill Creek and other parts of the 44th Legislative District.

Doesn’t it make sense to utilize today’s technology to reach more people?  Can you imagine 500 people showing up at a Town Hall Meeting?  Where would they park?  They would be adding to the congestion on our already congested roads!

Thank you, Mark Harmsworth, for maximizing your representation of our district!

Jeannette Sumpter

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