Thank You Rebecca?

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The recent article in the Mill Creek Beacon Mayor’s Corner written by Pam Pruitt as her opinion titled “Farewell and Thank You, Rebecca” has me in shock and disbelief.  Mayor Pruitt continually praises our former terminated City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto throughout her article, even stating “it is unfortunate Mrs. Polizzotto will not be part of our city government in the future.”  Why would Mayor Pruitt make such a statement?

Rebecca’s abusive management style prompted 4 Department Managers (3 of whom she hired) to file whistleblowers complaints against her.  Let’s not forget the dozens of employees who left city employment under Rebecca’s reign as City Manager.  Thanks for the loss of invaluable history and institutional knowledge as these employees chose to end their employment with the City of Mill Creek.

Mayor Pruitt, did you forget to thank Rebecca for the $1,000,000 (yes, one million dollar) claim she filed against her employer, the City of Mill Creek? 

Don’t forget Rebecca’s misuse of city credit cards for purchase of alcohol (against city policy and state law).  That information made the front page of newspapers.  Thanks for the bad publicity Rebecca!

Rebecca was paid Administrative Leave beginning early April while an investigation into her workplace antics was being conducted by an independent attorney.  So taxpayers are responsible for her salary and attorney fees while this investigation was being done. I can imagine how much those attorney fees amounted to. Thank you Rebecca!

Regarding your comments about the budget…not quite so fast.  According to budget presentations and staff, there are some “discrepancies” that are unraveling day by day.

You also mention another one of her accomplishments as “the avoidance of imposition of a new utility tax.”  There has never been the political will to even discuss that dreaded tax so I don’t know how you came up with that statement unless she discussed it with you privately? 

Then, finally, Rebecca Polizzotto was terminated on October 2, 2018.  She was awarded 6 more months of pay, plus benefits, and she doesn’t have to pay back the retention bonus she received.  Thank you Rebecca!

You further state, “The council has chosen to follow a different direction.”  You make it sound like you were not a part of the council involved in that decision, when in fact the vote was unanimous, which includes you.  That is how our form of government operates.  You are a councilmember before you can be selected as the “ceremonial” Mayor by the city council.  

Pam, it is obvious your perception and opinions are very clouded and distorted based on your friendship and loyalty to our terminated City Manager, Rebecca Polizzotto.  Perhaps you should take this as a defining moment in your career and step down as Mayor.  Please let another Councilmember serve as Mayor to run the meetings.

Councilmembers, perhaps you should come together and make a motion to have another councilmember serve as Mayor; someone who can represent their constituents in an unbiased manner and do what is best for the citizens and City of Mill Creek.

Donna Michelson
Councilmember from March 1999
Retired December 2017

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