Three Cheers for Three Years!

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I was privileged to be a reader of the online News of Mill Creek when the 1st Edition of the News of Mill Creek email Newsletter appeared in my e-mail on March 25, 2013. Since then, it’s quickly become my primary source of information for any community news and events.

Richard Van Winkle has done an excellent service to our community in providing a highly reputable source of information that provides facts without a bias and inclusive of all perspectives where it’s appropriate.

Since the News of Mill Creek is dynamic, I now make it my first source of information to start my day and not wait for the weekly edition. The now large following of readers is a testimony to the News of Mill Creek’s growing success and in this day and age, we can proud as a City to have this home grown resource.

Thank you Richard for your regard to professional journalism and thank you Lesley for your special interest articles and photos that always capture what makes Mill Creek a special place.

Congratulations for a successful three years of the News of Mill Creek!

Larry Mayer

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