A Tribute to the City of Mill Creek

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My wife, Dullain, and I are proud to say that we are residents of Mill Creek for almost thirty-five years. We have been here since before it became a city. Mill Creek has matured to become a viable, highly respected community, as shown by it being selected in 2013 as one of America’s best small towns by Money Magazine.

Mill Creek operates very efficiently as shown by a recent twelve-community study in our area. We have one of the lowest per capita tax burdens and we also have a low per capita cost of essential services.

Even with a mediocre economy we had a surplus of about $100,000 in our general operating budget in 2012. The diligence of our City Council, City Manager Ken Armstrong, and his staff have ensured Mill Creek’s substantial reserves have not declined.

We currently have the best city government that we have ever had. Our current Council and competent City Manager, Ken Armstrong, and the city staff are an outstanding team. Mill Creek is doing a remarkable job in implementing the city’s goals and objectives.

The City Manager and City Council are open to input from our citizens. This is shown by the fact that all City Council meetings are recorded and can be reviewed by going to “” The staff is always responsive.

Job well done Mill Creek!

Ralph Ehrlich
Mill Creek, Wa.

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