"Tulips, Ice Cream Cones and Snow Geese! Just another Garden Club Excursion," by Lila Johnson

Some of the Garden Club gang at RoozenGaarde’s windmill. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.
Some of the Garden Club gang at RoozenGaarde’s windmill. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.

By Lila Johnson, Mill Creek Garden Club Publicity Chair.

Rather than tiptoeing through the tulips, Mill Creek Garden Club members recently donned their rain boots and sloshed through the mud at the 2018 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon. 

The Excursion committee, keeping an eagle-eye on the online “bloom mapsand knowing that April is The Month to view the tulips, planned the excursion hopinggray skies are going to clear up.” 

It rained relentlessly the day and night before the planned trip; ever optimistic and determined to have fun despite the rain, the group was grateful to set out in partly sunny skies. Hopping into their carpools, the chatter and excitement grew as they neared the blooming fields at RoozenGaarde Tulip Farm and Tulip Town. The bloom maps didn’t lie—all was ablaze with color.

As is typical for Garden Club events, there was lots of lively conversation, picture taking, choosing of favorite tulip colors, a bit of shopping and of course, lunch together in LaConner.

On the drive home, there was a much-talked about stop at the market on Fir Island Road with the homemade ice cream and huge waffle cones. 

As the group sat at the market’s picnic tables, fighting off brain freeze and finishing up their cones, a flock of snow geese gracefully flew over the nearby field—a beautiful sight and a marvelous ending to a great Garden Club day. 

If you’d like to JOIN the fun, Mill Creek Garden Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of the Month, September to May at Shawn O’Donnell’s for a Great Program/Great Lunch/Great People!

Annual Dues are $30. Lunches this year were $18 for members.


  Judy Morrier.

Julie, Sharon, Pat and Kris in their “wellies” appreciate the flowers and blue skies. Photo credit:  Judy Morrier.

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