Volunteers sought to help develop Mill Creek Boulevard subarea vision

The City of Mill Creek is seeking volunteers for a project advisory committee that will help shape the long-term vision for future redevelopment of the Mill Creek Boulevard subarea. Letters of interest must be submitted by May 27, 2019.
Approximate Mill Creek Boulevard subarea map. Image courtesy of City of Mill Creek.

By Joni Kirk, City of Mill Creek Communications and Marketing Director.

The City of Mill Creek seeks applicants for a project advisory committee to help shape the future of the Mill Creek Boulevard subarea. Volunteers must submit a letter of interest by Monday, May 27, 2019.

The Mill Creek Boulevard land use and infrastructure subarea plan will create a stronger civic and community core in the planning area by establishing a long-term vision in preparation for the eventual redevelopment of the corridor. 

The plan will look at land uses, infrastructure improvements and opportunities for placemaking, enhancing walkability and access to transit.  

“The plan will identify short-term needs for this corridor, including lighting, surface water infrastructure repairs and pavement preservation needs,” said Planning Manager Tom Rogers.

He went on to say, “Another important component of the plan will be to identify North Creek Trail improvements needed in this particular area of the city.”

The city council will select approximately 15 people representing Mill Creek business and property owners, Mill Creek residents, and Mill Creek boards and other public officials to work with the project team and city staff.

Committee members will need to attend six to seven evening meetings (two hours maximum per meeting) from June 2019 through April 2020. The meetings will be held approximately every other month. Specific dates will be set once the committee is assembled.

Advisory committee member are responsible for providing input and guidance to the project team, conducting outreach to communicate and inform other residents and stakeholders about the process, and for gathering the public’s ideas and input to bring back to the committee.

Other key aspects of this role include:

  • Participating in city-hosted workshops and special events during the planning process.
  • Participating in visioning sessions and design workshops and providing input about what they would like to see in the subarea, as well as representing the perspectives of others that they know and/or work with in the community.
  • Reviewing technical reports and other interim documents and providing input and comments.
  • Reviewing the draft subarea plan and providing input and comments.

In their letter of interest, due May 27th, applicants are asked to state why they are interested in the project and indicate their general availability for the next 12 months. Letters should be submitted to:

Tom Rogers, Planning Manager
15728 Main Street
Mill Creek, WA 98012

The City Council is expected to make appointments to the project advisory committee at the June 4th City Council meeting, held at 6:00 pm in the City Hall Council Chamber.

Those applicants who are not selected may still participate in the project by attending visioning workshops and other public forums that will be an important part of the plan’s preparation.


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