What has Mayor Pruitt Delivered?

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The question has been asked “What has Mayor Pruitt delivered”.

Following the answer with more to come!

Mayor Pruitt, the new City Council majority, and City Manager have achieved significant fiscal, organizational and management accomplishments in the last 3 years.

They hired a new City Manager who in just 18 months accomplish more than ever imagined. She has saved us millions of dollars and quite a lot more over past expectations.

The City Hall Annex remodel is just about complete. The facilities are very nice looking with additional space to handle future growth needs. This was completed for only about $300,000 using existing funds.

City Hall remodel is also almost complete. It has freed up significant space improving the work environment. The Police Department has been enlarged and remodeled making their operations significantly less cramped and obviously much more livable. Again, all with existing funds!

This use of existing facilities rather than new has resulted in significant cost savings to the city and taxpayer.

Using in house resources they retained the design of the new North Point Park in house saving about $40,000 in design cost.

Plans are progressing for a new public works shop with approval of the engineering and design services contract. The shop will be built on city owned property resulting in significant savings over previous million dollar options.

Through the successful efforts of the Mayor, council majority, City Manager, State Representative Harmsworth and Senator Hobbs the city has obtained a grant in the amount of $257,000 to partially fund the new Public Works Shop. Through their efforts we have also obtained a $4,000,000 grant for the “bridge” over the 35th Avenue which sometimes floods in the winter.

In the last couple of years the city has been very successful in bringing in more grant money than in the last 10 years or more lately including a $10,000 tourism grant to promote tourism and increase sales tax revenue.

The city is implementing recommended best management practices and maximizing the use of existing personnel, talents, and resources as discussed above.

Our new financial manager is implementing financial and recommended governmental accounting standards bringing our city inline with acceptable budgeting methodology adding a significant degree of professionalism to our budgeting process.

And we are seeing more police patrol presence in the neighborhoods.

These are a few of the significant fiscal, budget, and management improvements the new council majority headed by Mayor Pruitt and new City Manager have brought to our city in the last 3 years at minimal cost.

This answers the question on what the new council majority and mayor have delivered. There is more to come and it will be amazing!

Wil Nelson
Mill Creek, WA

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