Why hasn’t an Acting City Manager been appointed?

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The following letter was presented to the Mill Creek City Council at their June 12, 2018, meeting.

“Good Evening Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem and Councilmembers:

It wasn’t that long ago that I sat on your side of the dais so I understand and can appreciate the position you are in with the confidential issues surrounding the city and City Manager.

I am writing to you as a citizen with concerns about the health, well-being and future of our city currently without a City Manager handling the day-to-day operations of Mill Creek.

Allow me to state that it is not important to me whether the City Manager is on medical leave, FMLA or an extended absence. Critical information is the fact that she hasn’t been at her office at City Hall since mid-April.  

When the local media REACHED OUT TO ME, I shared my thoughts, expressed my concerns as above and posed the question of who is in charge of running the day-to-day operations of our city.  I do not believe this city can be operated effectively and efficiently with a city manager apparently working from home.

I have two questions for the council:

1. During my almost 19 years on the council, previously followed procedure was for the City Manager to appoint an Acting City Manager during their absence (anywhere from a few days to longer) or the Council would appoint an Interim City Manager to handle the current affairs of the city.  Mike, Mark and Pam, with your history as Mill Creek City Councilpersons, I know you can confirm this statement.

Why has past practice not been followed and one of those options  exercised?

2. Why is the Mayor, the ceremonial and facilitator of council meetings, shuttling documents on a regular basis to the City Manager’s home?  Why isn’t a Department Manager, perhaps on a rotating basis, charged with this job, on the clock, until a City Manager is on the job? (It would make sense to me that a Department Manager would have more knowledge of issues than the Mayor.)

You are my representatives, elected and appointed to answer to your constituents.  I would very much appreciate your responding to me on the above questions.

Thank you,

Donna Michelson”

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