Why I'm running for Mill Creek City Council

Mill Creek City Council Candidate Carmen Fisher selfie. Photo credit: Carmen Fisher.
Mill Creek City Council Candidate Carmen Fisher selfie. Photo credit: Carmen Fisher.

By Carmen Fisher, candidate for Mill Creek City Council Position #1.

I first became a City Council candidate because I believe that election competition is vital to democracy. Voters deserve the opportunity to make choices between a variety of candidates. It seemed wrong to me that all four Council races this cycle were going uncontested, so I did what I could by jumping in for a challenge. In my mind, just getting on the ballot counted as a victory for democracy, and things could only go up from there.

My biggest policy motivation, however, is commitment to social justice issues. Black lives matter. All genders of people deserve to go to the bathroom without controversy. Women should be more represented in government, business, and media. We need to face complexity, discomfort, and disagreement to address structural injustices. If we can't begin that process in our city, how can we hope to move forward as a country? As a Council Member, I would consider every potential action through a lens of proactive justice.

Another primary goal is to consistently make responsible, sustainable choices in regards to the environment. Climate change must be taken seriously as a critical threat to human life, and every news report illustrates the early consequences of non-action. In the pursuit of being a leader among cities, it is incumbent upon Mill Creek to model exemplary environmental citizenship. In particular, we should aggressively seek solutions that are both environmentally and financially superior to traditional methods.

The one thing all Americans can agree on right now is that we are facing day after day of terrible trials. It's roll-up-your-sleeves time for every one of us. I looked around the world, and decided that serving on City Council is a way for me to pitch in and help make lives better. That's what I want to do, and I know that I can excel at it. I'm good at law, I'm good at ideas, and I'm good at people. I'm eager to use these skills to the benefit of my community.

Thank You,

Carmen Fisher
Candidate for Mill Creek City Council Position #1


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