Wil Nelson's Propaganda is Untrue

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Over the past three months, Mr. Wil Nelson has written numerous deceitful lies and disrespectful comments about my campaign. Most recently, he has behaved in a way that is more in line with his personality and character. Throughout the campaign, his comments about me are full of pejorative overtones and connotations. He has repeatedly miscast me in a deliberate attempt to improperly connect my current job with the City of Lynnwood to his infatuation with utility taxes for Mill Creek. Unlike Mr. Nelson, I have consistently represented my campaign with facts, and have been extremely professional and honest.

In my opinion, Mr. Nelson is an extremely depreciating and condescending type of person who relishes in creating half-truths and misinformation. Most importantly, he does this on purpose to create lies, distractions and innuendo. His consistent remarks about me and my job responsibilities for the City of Lynnwood is a perfect example of his lack of knowledge and facts. He is flat out lying when he attempts to connect Lynnwood's use of utility taxes to Mill Creek's financial deficit (which is a fact- $1.8 million presently and likely to get worse) To use that connection is a pure fabrication, which is his normal tactic and is his deliberate attempt to deceive.

Mr. Nelson's derogatory rhetoric and lies are his attempt to discredit my campaign and platform. He knows that I have done my homework about the city's financial health and is worried that my knowledge and ideas just might be the truth. It is also very intriguing my opponent, Mr. Cavaleri, is now campaigning on a public vote for any use of utility taxes. Does he know something we don't? to that point, it's fascinating to me that Mr. Nelson is not calling out Mr. Cavaleri on this matter. He is only writing lies and making derogatory remarks about me. What's really going on here? Here is the truth; in September, the City's Finance Director publicly stated the city's deficit is $1.8 million (with no financial plan to get out it), This is exactly why I think everyone who lives here should be concerned.

I sincerely hope our citizens will do also do their homework like I have and look at the real issues that this city is facing. Mr. Nelson's penchant for lies, innuendo and pejorative overtones are contrary to the truth. Don't fall for his tactics.

Lynn D. Sordel
Mill Creek
Candidate for Mill Creek City Council Position 5

No action from current council members

You are absolutely right, Lynn. There is little difference between the candidates on the issue of utility taxes. The only real difference is that the current city council members have had the Economic Development Committee's recommendations for an absurdly long time and failed to act.

The citizens' EDC is made up of local business experts who are concerned with the welfare of the city. They are owed a responsive solution to their work.

There are a number of solutions to the city's deficit problem, but leaving it to the two sheriffs officers on the city council is not part of it.

Douglas Carlson
Candidate for Mill Creek City Council Position #7

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