Zachary Anders, A Young Man With Integrity

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My wife, Dullain, and I have been honored to know Zachary Anders, a recent Jackson High School graduate. We have been deeply impressed by his qualities of leadership and citizenship.

After completing his sophomore year Zach accepted a writing job from Fred Filbrook at the Mill Creek View. While at The View Zach witnessed several conversations in which Mr. Filbrook stated that the Mill Creek City Council intended to spend $20,000,000 dollars on a new civic center.

Zach showed a high degree of maturity in his effort to find out whether or not this was true.

On October 1, 2013, Zach went to the Mill Creek City Council, in person, to find out first hand if there was any definite plan for a new Mill Creek Civic center. (Reference Oct. 1, 2013, Council meeting recording. Zach’s question to the council started in minute 56:40 of Council recording at the website, city hall, agendas and recordings).

He was assured by the Council and the City Manager that there was NO PLAN for a new Civic Center.

Zach displayed tremendous maturity to approach the Council members to set the record straight.

Some activities that Zach is most proud of follow:

In 2014 Zach was chosen as a delegate to attend Evergreen Boys State. He met hundreds of classmates from around the state.

Zach was also appointed chair of the Mill Creek Arts and Beautification Board at age 17.

Zach was recognized nationally for his excellence in High School journalism. He was also, awarded the Association of Washington Cities College Scholarship.

Zach applied for an open position on the City Council this past January.

Zach has been accepted to the Edward R Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University.

We wish him continued success in all his endeavors.

Ralph Ehrlich

No Plan, Plan

As usual there is never a plan until there is a plan.

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