Letters to the Editor

  • During my almost 19 years on the council, previously followed procedure was for the City Manager to appoint an Acting City Manager during their absence (anywhere from a few days to longer) or the Council would appoint an Interim City Manager to handle the current affairs of the city.

  • I am very concerned that Mayor Pruitt has overstepped her authority under our form of government. If council gave her authority to act in this capacity then I hold council responsible for her over reach of authority.

  • Doesn’t it make sense to utilize today’s technology to reach more people? Can you imagine 500 people showing up at a Town Hall Meeting? Where would they park? They would be adding to the congestion on our already congested roads!

  • Recently, there has been some local news in the Mill Creek Beacon related to the new Mill Creek Senior Center that does not accurately reflect the views of our organization, so I’d like to set the record straight.

  • While I agree with the Council that I was not the most qualified applicant for the Position #1 vacancy, I am appalled that a choice was made that increased the racial and gender homogeny of the City’s representation.

  • In Response to Jeff Heckatorn’s letter to the editor on the Everett School District Levy and Bond vote on February 13, 2018

    Mr. Heckathorn’s letter had 11 main points with a lot of misinformation and a lot of negative emotion against our school district leadership, teachers, and staff. I am hoping to correct the misinformation.

    1) Concern that no progress is being made on elementary #18: Ground will be broken at the new school in April, on plan. There is extensive work that needs to be done after a Bond is approved and before construction can begin on any project.

  • I am writing about the upcoming Everett School District Levy and Bond on the ballot for February 13th, 2018.

    Here are some facts that are persuading me to vote a certain way on both of these measures.

  • The following statement was read to the Mill Creek City Council at their regular January 2, 2018, meeting.

    Hello. Last month, my request that the court disqualify Sean Kelly from the 2017 election was upheld, but my request for an order that his votes be discounted was denied on procedural grounds. Because the denial did not rule on the merits of the case, the possibility existed to make corrections and seek a new hearing. In practice, I have decided that it is in no one's best interest to extend that process.

  • Our City Manager and our Mayor have failed our citizens. When confronted in September with information that Sean Kelly had moved out of the city, they placed their heads in the sand. As a result, voters were disenfranchised by not being given accurate information regarding his eligibility to hold office.

    Why didn’t they investigate? Did they know he was ineligible and planned to appoint someone they approved of after the election? Or were they just clueless about the law?