Cascade High School

Everett School District high school students kick off summer internships with employers

Twenty-three employers were able to commit to 106 summer internship placement opportunities through the newly formed Everett Career Link partnership between Everett Public Schools and the city of Everett, announced in January 2019.

A map of the Everett School District hangs in Dr. Dana Riley Black’s office – filled with color-coded dots, post-its and other notes.

It is one of many planning tools she and her Everett Public Schools team are using to track where high school students will be interning this summer

Cascade High School students teach physics at Monroe Elementary School

Monroe Elementary School students learn about angular momentum. Image courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

Cascade High School AP Physics Teacher Sue Wilson challenged her students to explain their understanding of physics principals to fourth and fifth graders at Monroe Elementary School.

Pairs of Ms. Wilson’s students taught the basics of pendulums, collisions, rotational motion, waves, forces, projectile motion, rotational inertia, electrical circuits, and conductivity.