Cat of the Week

Forever Home Cat of the Week - Marcus

Marcus trusts and loves people. He loves all the attention he is receiving in his foster home. He is friendly and is happy to be warm and safe. This boy cat of the week loves lots of attention and any lap that is available.

A broken jaw may have saved his life…

Marcus has had a rough life. Evidently left behind when someone moved, he lived at a local business, along with a colony of cats that were fed by the office manager.

When the manager retired, a rescuer took over the colony care and noticed that Marcus’ jaw was injured. He had been hit by a car and was in pain. The rescuer rushed him to the vet where his jaw has been repaired.

While in recovery, the foster realized this cat is not feral or even semi-feral; he is SO happy to be inside.

Forever Home Cat of the Week - Clarence

Clarence is currently at Dooley’s Doghouse in Kirkland, and he is looking for an indoor only home where he will never have to fear abandonment again.

Declawed and dumped. Why in the world would anyone ever abandon a cat? So cruel, so irresponsible… and then to make it worse, if the cat is declawed?

Clarence was found at an apartment complex, living in the bushes and begging to come in. The story was someone from craigslist gave him to someone who let him outside… neighbors were feeding him occasionally, but no one would claim him.