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"What Your Tongue Says About Your Health," by Kate Towell

The tongue is a perfect place to begin your journey into understanding your body on a deeper level. Photo courtesy of Kate Towell.

If you have ever been to see an Ayurvedic healer you probably answered a long list of questions, your pulse was taken and you were asked to show your tongue. Ancient healers knew that the outside of the body is a map that reflects what is happening on the inside and when taking responsibility for your own health, it’s important to follow their lead and analyze your body’s activities.

"The Only New Years Intention You Need," by Kate Towell

This time of year is a natural time for reflection and intention setting. Graphic courtesy of Kate Towell.

This time of year is a natural time for reflection and intention setting. It’s a time where we are open and willing to make changes and feel the possibilities held in the next twelve months. Sadly only about 10% of people see their intentions realized. Many times that is because we make unrealistic or vague resolutions and commitments that lead to overwhelm and inaction.

"Roasted Squash & Toasted Chickpea Buddha Bowl," by Kate Towell

Buddha bowls are an easy way to creat super healthy and delicious meals.  Photo courtesy of Kate Towell.

Buddha Bowls are the perfect way to create easy, super healthy and delicious meals. I first heard of Buddha bowls a few years ago when I ordered one at Thrive, a local raw food restaurant. Buddha bowls are ridiculously healthy and this recipe is no different–load with veggies including lots of greens, fiber and protein-rich chickpeas plus a super tasty sauce you’ll love.

"10 Essential Ingredients of Your Ayurvedic Cleanse," by Kate Towell

Kate Towell shares her ten essential ingredients for an Ayurvedic cleanse. Photo courtesy of Kate Towell.

Cleansing season is just around the corner and you know it’s one of my favorite times of year. The practice of cleansing is a vital part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Seasonal cleansing can improve energy, boost immunity, create clarity, improve sleep and encourage weight loss. I don’t know about you but my body is so ready for my fall cleanse.