Mill Creek Garden Club

Mill Creek Garden Tour or “boogying with the garden stars”

Holly is the perfect place for a little Salsa dance and it's sustainable! Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.

The popularity of dancing shows on television and in movies is well known, but have you ever considered that gardening and dancing are similar?  Both are a creative form of expression; both involve planned moves with preparation and both gardeners and dancers aspire to a great finish as they rock their individual style.

Fall news from Mill Creek Garden Club

Fall has arrived at the Mill Creek Garden Club. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.

Fall has arrived! The Mill Creek Garden Club had our first meeting of the season on September 9th and plans are falling into place for our next meeting on October 13th. Although there is still a little time left for us to enjoy the summer flowers in our gardens, you can tell fall is upon us by the chill in the morning air. The first frost will be here before you know it.