Appointment of New City Council Member - NOT OLD HANDS!

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It’s time again for the existing Council members to choose a replacement for an empty spot on the Council.  Our city is undergoing a lot of problems at this time – the appointment of old council members who were part of the mindset that got us to where we are today is not acceptable.  We need fresh minds and new perspectives on the Council.

APPOINTING PRIOR MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL ONLY TAKES US BACKWARDS!  The “experience” model does not work in this case.

This is the perfect time for the Council to choose diversity over cronyism.

Considering that slightly over half of Mill Creek’s population are women and 34% are from non-Caucasian races, it is not rocket science to realize that our Council needs to diversify its membership in order to achieve some semblance of balance.  As has been said before, “A homogenous city council is not representative.”

Our Council members need to do the right thing this time and consider qualified applicants who are women or people of non-caucasian identities.

Marjorie Rhodes
Mill Creek

City Council Appointments

I wholeheartedly agree! We need a council that better reflects our community. New voices are needed. "Old hands" had their chance.

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