The August school bond is an opportunity to make a difference

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On August 4, we have the opportunity to make a significant and meaningful impact on our school communities.  The Everett School District’s capital bond, originally scheduled for the April election, is being placed back on the ballot.  If it passes with 60% approval, the bond would provide for much-needed improvements to our schools.

Now more than ever, the investment in our future is essential. 

The parents, staff and community members on the bond committee met throughout last year, listened to community feedback and focused in on the greatest capital needs within the Everett school district.  The bond includes the replacement of three aging schools in the heart of Everett which have antiquated HVAC, roofing, flooring, plumbing and electrical systems: Jackson Elementary, Lowell Elementary and Madison Elementary.

The bond also includes 36 new permanent classrooms at eight of our other elementary schools to replace portable classrooms.  Portable classrooms were never intended to serve as permanent classrooms in our schools, but the continuing increase in enrollment has made them more and more necessary as a stop-gap solution.

Upgrades would be made at all three comprehensive high schools that would provide classroom space to be used for STEM career pathway programs, allowing our schools to partner with regional employers such as Boeing and Providence Medical Center.  Everett High School’s upgrades would expand Medical and Health careers pathways, providing our students opportunities to pursue careers in science and medicine and become the leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow.  Jackson High School would receive improvements to support the information and communication technology career pathway.  

The current crisis has made many of us stop in our tracks and evaluate the systems in our community which support us all.  Let’s continue to support our children during this time and to invest in a brighter future for everyone.

Need more information on the bond?  Visit the school district website at:

Vote YES! on the August 4 School Bond Proposition!

Jen Hirman
Mill Creek

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Good to hear from Jen Hirman, the president of the Everett PTSA Council.

Thank you for sharing your personal views.

For those who might want more of a pro/con type of information to consider, I recommend paging through your just received voters’ pamphlet. To page 45 near the back.

You can also find the electronic version of the voters’ pamphlet here:

Let’s all get the vote out.

Thank you.

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