Carmen Fisher Will Add New Perspective to City Council

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I highly recommend Carmen Fisher for the Mill Creek City Council.  Let's see some positive change (for a change!).  Carmen will bring a new voice and a new perspective to issues brought before the Council.  Remembering that our community is made up of a majority of women, we should at least have one more woman on the Council to be truly representative.

Carmen has spent several years attending Council meetings and is very familiar with the issues brought before it and the decisions made as a result.  You can read her blog at where she describes Council activities and resulting actions.

Our City Council has become stagnant and has become an organization plagued by "group think."  The history of decisions made by the Council indicate that a homogenous council has not worked well, especially in retention of city managers.  No one can dispute that.  Carmen would change that dynamic, for the better!

Marge Rhodes
Mill Creek

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