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Thank you to Mr. Somers for creating a Climate Action Advisory Committee, as County Executive.

Right now, House Bill 1110, the Clean Fuel Standard, is our best shot for fighting climate change in Olympia.

Senator Steve Hobbs pretends to care about climate change but he is blocking the Clean Fuel Standard and is proposing a spending package that will increase emissions.

He wants a carbon tax which is too small to be effective, and plans to spend the money on more roads instead of better transit.

Write to Senator Steve Hobbs  ASAP urging him to bring the Clean Fuel Standard to a vote.

The Clean Fuel Standard would lead to point-of-sale rebates for EVs and low-carbon jet-fuel.

And it would have no impact on the price of gasoline.

Your neighbor driving an EV is helping to keep the price down by reducing demand.


Don Steinke

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