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Five Everett School District schools earn Washington Achievement Awards

Mill Creek Elementary students in hands on learning exercise. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.
Mill Creek Elementary students in hands on learning exercise. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

From an Everett Public Schools news release.

Five of the Everett School District’s 26 schools qualify as among the state’s top performing schools, based upon statewide assessment data for the past three consecutive years – 2015, 2014, and 2013.

Most of this year’s winners have earned an achievement award before. Because the award is based upon continuous student learning measured over consecutive years, earning successive honors becomes more challenging over time.

The Everett School Board will honor the award winning schools and staff at 4:30 pm on May 10, 2016, at the Community Resource Center.

Award Winning Schools:

  • Cedar Wood Elementary School: Overall Excellence and English Language Arts Growth
  • Gateway Middle School: English Language Arts Growth
  • Mill Creek Elementary School: English Language Arts Growth and English Language Acquisition
  • Monroe Elementary School: High Progress
  • Whittier Elementary School: High Progress

Cedar Wood Elementary has earned this award six previous times. Mill Creek Elementary and Gateway Middle have each been state Achievement Award winners five times before this year.

In an email to staff, Cedar Wood Elementary School Principal Dr. David Jones wrote, “As I am in and out of our intermediate classrooms and observe our students going up against the rigorous SBA assessments, I see students who were SO less prepared emotionally and intellectually when they first stepped onto our campus as five year olds.”

“The work we do every day, in every encounter with a child, as a team, is what builds the confidence and competence represented in our students’ high achievement and perseverance.

“Know that when you go that extra mile (or two) to take time to puzzle out what is going on with a specific student or recognize growth in another … it makes a difference. In fact, those one-on-one relationships with students and parents is the most important thing we can do to help a child develop into a capable student.”

Across the state, only 258 (out of almost 2,000) elementary, middle and high schools earned an achievement award in one of the possible seven categories:

Overall Excellence

  • High Progress
  • Math Growth
  • English Language Arts Growth
  • Extended Graduation Rate (only for high schools)
  • English Language Acquisition
  • Achievement Gap

The state has 295 school districts. Only 45 of those districts had multiple schools earn Washington Achievement Awards for 2015.

Since 2005, when the district began tracking these and other state and national awards, district schools have earned such recognition 85 times.