Good Governance, Re-elect Vincent Cavaleri for Mill Creek Council

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Today it is my pleasure to proudly endorse Vincent Cavaleri for Position 3 on the Mill Creek City Council.  Vincent works tirelessly for the citizens of Mill Creek by connecting with our community and listening to constituents-whereby giving us a voice in decisions that impact our daily lives.  He cares deeply about issues that matter to Mill Creek families.  When I brought a concern to the Mill Creek Council, Vincent not only responded immediately to my email, but he met with me in person to discuss the outlined issues impacting my neighborhood.  Vincent's engagement gave me a voice in my city's government that I thought was not possible.

Vincent has been a dedicated public servant throughout his career and understands the complexity of being an elected official.  His actions while serving on the Mill Creek City Council demonstrates his commitment to ensuring a thriving economy by supporting local Mill Creek businesses and providing avenues for new opportunities to make our community grow, all while being fiscally responsible.  Vincent's proven leadership skills enables him to builds partnerships for a sustainable future for Mill Creek residents. 

Like many small communities in Washington State, Mill Creek will face many challenges over the next few years.  Vincent's years of experience, dedication and knowledge has prepared him to meet those challenges.  Council members often make difficult decisions, but in those deliberations, Vincent engages the pulse of the community so that their voice is a part of a workable solution.  While some only consider short-term outcomes, Vincent reflects on the long-term consequences of his choices before making long-lasting decisions that will affect future generations of Mill Creek residents. 

Vincent not only represents responsible government, but he has the experience, integrity, and compassion to continue representing the residents of Mill Creek.  Please join me in re-electing Vincent Cavaleri to the Mill Creek City Council, as he is the clear choice to represent our community.

Jennifer Pawlowski
Mill Creek

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