Kiwanis of Mill Creek’s Kindness Wall - Let Someone in Line Go Before You

Our “Kindness Wall” is intended to bring acts of kindness to the community and to create bonds.  This week’s act of kindness is meant to encourage everyone to look around when in line and take note of someone who may be in need of some extra time.
This week's Act of Kindness. Photo courtesy of Kiwanis Club of Mill Creek.

By Greg Elwin, Kiwanis Club of Mill Creek Media Relations Coordinator.

The mission of the Kiwanis of Mill Creek is to empower our members to improve our community by making lasting differences in the lives of children.

This starts with kindness. Kindness to each other creates the bond of community, and community helps us all lead safe, happy and fulfilling lives! Our “Kindness Wall” is intended to bring acts of kindness to the community, but since we are all social distancing, we share our Kindness Wall with you – virtually.

This week’s act of kindness!

Lines. They are definitely coming back, and for many lines, they are longer and certainly lonelier than they were before; “everyone stay six feet apart” and “wear your masks.” 

Lines these days are strange places.  We find ourselves standing in lines that we wouldn’t have before, whether it’s picking up meals-to-go at our favorite restaurant, waiting to get into or out of the grocery store, or anywhere else that there are painted X’s on the ground.

Many times, we are in a hurry or have our hands full. But often, we have the luxury of a few extra minutes or an easy load to carry. When that luxury exists, take note of your fellow humans who may be in need, be it a senior who doesn’t need to stand in line any longer or just someone who looks like they could benefit from a quick trip into or out of wherever the line is leading.

Take a look around and consider this week’s kindness act: Let someone in line go before you.

We are in stressful times with politics and pandemics. We all miss our friends, families and co-workers. The news we see in the outside world isn’t always pleasant. Yet we are still community and we still care.  

This one simple act of kindness will be appreciated by the recipient to a degree that we will never know.

Perhaps it’s a quick “thanks” or perhaps it’s something that they tell their family about when they get home. And our souls will be better as a result.  Be kind!

We would love to hear about how you were able to take this simple act and make a difference!  Please share in the reader comments section here and on your social media pages. You can find us on Facebook

The Kiwanis of Mill Creek meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 6:00 PM.  While we are under Covid-19 restrictions, our meetings are held via Zoom.  Once we can again gather, our meetings are held at the Mill Creek City Council Chambers, 15728 Main Street, Mill Creek WA.  If you are interested in attending a Zoom meeting, please email


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