Mill Creek City Council declines to change this year’s Memorial Day events

There will be no changes to Mill Creek's 2019 Memorial Day events. On Monday, May 27th, a Commemorative Ceremony will be held at the Mill Creek Veterans Monument followed by a parade down main street.
Color guard at 2016 Memorial Day Parade. Photo credit: Lesley Van Winkle.

By Richard Van Winkle, News of Mill Creek.

At their regular January 22, 2019, meeting the Mill Creek City Council decided there will be no changes to the two Mill Creek Memorial Day events this year and that the proposed Mill Creek Days events would not be held.

At a previous city council meeting Communications and Marketing Director Joni Kirk suggested that the celebratory Memorial Day Parade that the city has sponsored since 2016 be moved forward a couple of weeks, while retaining the more somber Memorial Day Commemorative Ceremony at the Mill Creek Veterans Monument.

Kirk said changing the date of the parade was an effort to encourage more community involvement and to attract more visitors to the city in the “shoulder season” just before Memorial Day.

She added, “Further, staff has received feedback from other military members that Memorial Day should be a day of remembrance and more somber; they feel it is more respectful to just have a commemorative ceremony and not hold a parade.”

Kirk envisioned a full week of events called Mill Creek Days engineered to attract visitors. The week-long series of events would have been co-sponsored by local businesses and community groups from May 11th to May 18th, concluding with a parade on Saturday, the 18th.

A number of councilmembers supported the Mill Creek Days idea, but voiced concerns that there wasn’t enough time for the new events to be successful, and that not enough planning had been done.

It’s unclear whether or not the Mill Creek Days proposal will come back to the city council this year as new city leaders may be in place. A new city manager will be hired in the next few months and five councilmembers are up for re-election in the fall.


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