Mill Creek City Council has new opportunity to diversify

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When Jared Mead heads off to Olympia to take on his legislative position in January 2019, the Mill Creek City Council will again have an opportunity to select a replacement for the vacancy he leaves on the Council.  This is the perfect time for the Council to choose diversity over cronyism.

The last time an individual was appointed to a vacancy on the Council was earlier this year when 14 people applied for the position.  Of the 14, four were women.  The successful applicant and the first runner up were both Caucasian males over 60.  Considering that slightly over half of Mill Creek’s population are women and 34% are from other races, it is not rocket science to realize that our Council needs to diversify its membership in order achieve some semblance of balance.

As has been said before, “A homogenous city council is not representative.”

Let’s encourage our Council to do the right thing this time and consider qualified applicants who are women or people of other ethnic identities.

Marge Rhodes
Mill Creek

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