Mill Creek needs better city manager oversight

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As our Mill Creek City Council starts the New Year, I encourage the council to reflect on what occurred over the past four years with regard to our previous City Managers.

Past councils have always established a committee within the council to review performance of the City Manager. This encompassed feedback from employees, stakeholders and community members. This included establishing and monitoring goals led by the council. The committee provided transparency and was an invaluable tool for the council and the city manager to move the city forward with review of goals and expectations. 

The Personnel Review Committee was dissolved September 2016 with no legitimate reason and with an agreement to bring back the discussion back in March of 2017. Council never brought this discussion as promised. The citizens all know the emotional and financial cost of that decision.

In December 2018, former city council member Mary Kay Voss publicly petitioned the council to reinstate the Personnel Review Committee. At this time she recited all the valid reasons Mill Creek needs this committee.

Here we are in mid-January and to the best of my knowledge there has not been a public discussion about this issue.  Without reestablishing this policy the council has no foundation for reviewing future City Managers. 

I respectfully request the city council to come together NOW and reinstate a Personnel Review Committee BEFORE interviewing candidates.

Senior members of our council should lead this charge because of their knowledge of past practices.

Citizens expect our council to do their diligence to set our new City Manager and our city up for future success.

Kathy Nielsen

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