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Mill Creek Schools Get Smart 911 and Rave Panic Button

The Rave Panic Button ap helps first responders in case of emergencies. Image courtesy of Rave Mobile Safety.
The Rave Panic Button ap helps first responders in case of emergencies. Image courtesy of Rave Mobile Safety.

By Officer Marc Schuermeyer, Mill Creek Public Information Officer.

The Mill Creek Police Department is pleased to announce implementation of the use of the Rave Panic Button smartphone ap for schools located in the City of Mill Creek.

The City has collaborated with the Everett School District and SNOCOM (Mill Creek’s Police Dispatch Center) to bring this important service to Mill Creek area schools.

City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto thanked the local parent teacher organizations for bringing this concern to her attention.  “By working together as a community we have been able to implement a service that enhances the safety of all of our children,” stated the City Manager.

The Rave Panic Button is a phone app providing communication abilities between school staff and emergency service agencies during school emergencies.

When an emergency call is made from the Rave Panic Button app, on-site school personnel are notified of the emergency, and the caller is immediately connected to the SNOCOM 9-1-1 center where SNOCOM is provided information about the type of emergency and critical information about the campus.

Key situational information, such as caller location, building floor plans, campus contact and access info, is immediately available as is the ability to rapidly message campus employees and first responders.

Everett School District (ESD) schools in Mill Creek – Jackson High School, Heatherwood Middle School and Mill Creek Elementary - were the only ESD schools not equipped to operate the Rave Panic Button.

Key members of those schools’ PTSA contacted the City Manager last year to see what could be done to have the program implemented in Mill Creek.

City leaders worked with ESD leadership and SNOCOM and were able to work through the process to implement the program.

Mayor Pam Pruitt and Police Chief Greg Elwin are the City’s representatives to the SNOCOM Board and advocated for this program on behalf of Mill Creek.

Southwest Snohomish County is better served having the ‘Smart 911’ in place, and the children at our Mill Creek Schools are safer as a result of the Rave Panic Button introduction” stated Mayor Pruitt.

As we begin the 2016-2017 school year, staff from the district, the dispatch center, and the police department will be trained in the operation of the Rave Panic Button.

I am pleased to enhance our school resource officer program with introduction of this technology,” said Chief Greg Elwin.